30 Days of Creativity: Day #2 – 10 New Words

Am participating in “30 Days of Creativity” and will be posting creations here every day for the month of June…

Try to work these new words into your conversations today…

Pizzarhea-A case of mud butt brought on by a bad slice.

Givvu – When you’re excited to give someone something. Opposite of ‘gimme’.

Oddsome – Someone you think is awesome, but you don’t want to be like. Cool, but weird.

Oedible Complex – Believing that your mom’s cooking is better than your wife’s or girlfriend’s.

Baracknaphobia – Fear of black people in positions of power.

Text Blocking – Walking in front of a texting friend to make sure they don’t run into anything or anybody.

Ejaculatte-When your baby batter comes out all foamy.

Oxymerican – Sitting on the couch eating McDonald’s while watching Biggest Loser. See also, complaining about bad schools, poor roads, and crime while wanting lower taxes.

Manthrax-A guy who virulently dates all of your friends and they become sick of him instantly.

Phonecull-Removing unused or unwanted #s from your cellphone’s directory.


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