Best Bus Stop in the World….

Most ads or marketing that claim to be ‘interactive’ simply mean if you scan a QR code you’ll get taken to a website with some content. Wheee. But this bus shelter concept from Denizen for Qualcomm interacts with all your senses, including that little kid part of you that laughs and goes “Awesome!” See for yourself.

Waiting for the bus? Or something even better?

Waiting for the bus? Or something even better?


The Worst Part About Censorship is XXXXXXXXX.

Where Base Camp stands…

ANTI-PIPA / SOPA: As someone whose career is making shit up, I’m worried about vague laws with near unlimited potential to make creativity, innovation and free speech a crime. Edumacate yourself here.

PRO-Pippa / Sopa: We find in favor of both sexy royals-in-laws and hot Mexican casseroles and urge you to do likewise. Carry on.