Edible Business Card Fights Altitude Sickness

Cuzco, Peru sits at an elevation of around 11,200 feet. For newly arrived visitors, that means it’s more than the scenery taking your breath away. Locals often chew coca leaves to give them a jolt of energy and help them adjust to the altitude. Kokopelli Hostel had the great idea to create an edible business card made of coca leaf. You can just pop out the leaf-shaped section and munch on it while still maintaining all the important contact info. Read more about the making of the card here.


Yes, coca leaf is used to make cocaine, which means bringing it into the U.S. in any amount or form (tea, candy, beer) illegal. Yet when I visited Cuzco last year, hotels had huge baskets of it for you to make tea with. Every restaurant had it on their menu and our porters on the Inca Trail chewed wads of it constantly. It was a bit bitter, but we noticed it did seem to make adjusting to the altitude easier.

Devil Baby Prank Possesses Souls, Internet Traffic…

They say a picture is worth a thousand nightmares, so look at this…


Devil Baby rolls around New York City in a seemingly unmanned stroller waiting for unsuspecting pedestrians to get close. Then daddy’s little nightmare pops up screaming, thrashing and spewing green vomit. Despite the fact they probably see that all the time in New York, the people recoil in sheer and hilarious terror.

Don’t worry fair citizens of Gotham, one of the Kardashian’s did not just give birth, it’s all a promo-guerilla-viral-prank-interactive-multimedia-ad for the new movie Devil’s Due, that involves, yes, the son of Satan being born.  Check out Devil Baby in action here:

When you crawl out from under your desk, I’m curious as to your thoughts on this type of ‘prank’ advertising. Like all forms of marketing (or art or music or books or fashion…) it depends on how it’s done. Some do it really well, some goes too far and some just sucks. I found the baby horrifying and the reactions hilarious. While there is no apparent logo or anything paying off the stunt when you see it live, it’s already got over 4.5 million hits on YouTube and been spread all over the Web like demonic Cookie Butter. I wonder how playing a joke that, in the end, makes you laugh will translate into people wanting to see a horror film where you actually want to be scared.

If nothing else, it makes a great ad for birth control.

Cannes Name Dropper…I totally know the guy who created this…

Even if you’re not a boss you can name drop like one while you’re at Cannes this year (Er, you are there right now, right?) thanks to the Cannes Name Dropper created by Minneapolis agency, Colle + McVoy. Just let it spin up conversational nuggets you can shout out and let nearby ears eat up like so many shrimp canapes…
Cannes Name Dropper_20130621-144254

How to Make Pissed Off Customers Piss Themselves With Laughter Instead…

So that may be too long a title for my TED talk, but Virgin America knows the power of smart and smart aleck marketing and catering to the needs of clients. (They started out courting rock stars after all.) And whatever your brand is, it should extend through all the details of the company. That’s how something as simple as a ‘flight delayed’ message can turn grumpy customers into happy ones. Or at least make them a bit less grumpier. Or discover new ways to speed up people getting off the planes.

I assume the flight was coming from Wisconsin...

I assume the flight was coming from Wisconsin…

Best Bus Stop in the World….

Most ads or marketing that claim to be ‘interactive’ simply mean if you scan a QR code you’ll get taken to a website with some content. Wheee. But this bus shelter concept from Denizen for Qualcomm interacts with all your senses, including that little kid part of you that laughs and goes “Awesome!” See for yourself.

Waiting for the bus? Or something even better?

Waiting for the bus? Or something even better?

This must have been one hell of a networking happy hour…

You remember business cards, don’t you? In the age of QR codes and LinkedIn, they almost seem a quaint throwback to the Victorian Age. But they still exist and here’s 20 of  them from some interesting people throughout history. Like I said, this would be one amazing happy hour. Click here to see them all.

Best title ever

Best title ever