Steve Jobs

Save the first and oldest independent Apple store…

I remember taking my rainbow-logo’ed Macinotshes here back when Silicon Valley was just a pothole. The first Apple store in the U.S.

Apple Store

The Apple computer with serial #005 was sold here. They were our original squad of geeks, the first geniuses at the bar and still know their stuff better than anyone. Let’s keep ’em working; lord knows we still need their help.

How can you help? Start by simply liking their Facebook page at the link below and buying your next Apple product there. Thanks!


This must have been one hell of a networking happy hour…

You remember business cards, don’t you? In the age of QR codes and LinkedIn, they almost seem a quaint throwback to the Victorian Age. But they still exist and here’s 20 of  them from some interesting people throughout history. Like I said, this would be one amazing happy hour. Click here to see them all.

Best title ever

Best title ever